• Carillon Historical Park is a non-smoking campus

• Members must present their ID with their membership card during every visit.
Why do I need to present my photo ID as a member? As a privately funded non-profit museum, we rely on the generosity of our members, donors, and attendance to help us achieve our mission to inspire generations by connecting them with the unique people, places, and events that changed Dayton and the world. By verifying each membership with a photo ID, Dayton History can protect our members from fraudulent uses if cards have been lost or stolen. We are taking this precaution so we can continue to provide affordable memberships to our guests and bring new exhibits and experiences to life. We hope to see you at the park soon!

• Certified Service Animals and Animals in Training for Certification will be permitted to assist visitors with disabilities. A service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to perform tasks for a person with disabilities. Service animals must be controlled with a restraining device and must display appropriate behavior at all times while on our property. There is a limit of one service animal per guest.

We are not permitted to take control of your service animal. Service animals must be leashed, under the owner’s control. While on the train and carousel, service animals must fit on the floor of the ride vehicle, and be seated on the floor, not the ride seat. Please stop by the front desk for more information.

• Any group functions, gatherings, or ceremonies at Deeds Carillon or anywhere on Carillon Historical Park property must be scheduled and approved in advance. Contact Dayton History at daytonhistory.org or 937-293-2841 for additional details regarding availability, fees and other information.

• The shape, form, and image of Deeds Carillon are registered trademarks and are not to be used for commercial, advocacy, endorsement, or political purposes without the express written permission of Carillon Historical Park.

• Guests are invited to use the picnic tables located in the Picnic Grove.  Grilling is not permitted in the Park.

• Rollerblading and skateboarding are not permitted on the Park grounds.  Bicycling is permitted only through the parking lots and entrance roads while connecting to the bake path.

• Help us maintain the safety and quality of exhibits by not eating, drinking, or smoking in any Park buildings.

• Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be carried into the Park but can be purchased at the Carillon Brewing Co., Culp’s Café, or at beverage stations during special events.

• Attendance on the museum property is implied consent for the use of the guests’ likenesses for marketing/promotional purposes.

• Prohibited Activities: Lighting candles, erecting furniture/structures, soliciting, rallies, vigils, overnight parking, lighting fireworks, launching model rockets, flying remote-controlled aircraft and drones.

• Photography and video recording are allowed on campus for private, personal use.  For details regarding commercial photography and photography usage please contact the Marketing Department at 937-293-2841 ext. 105.  All photo/videographers, personal or commercial, are subject to the terms set forth in the Dayton History Photography Policy.