School, Homeschool, Scout Field Trips & More!

Each year children from around the globe visit Carillon Historical Park. By combining a general Park tour with our hands-on educational workshops, visitors are offered a focused field trip.

Interpretive staff are stationed throughout the Park, and tour groups may proceed at their own pace. You may tailor your tour to specific needs; the majority of our exhibits focus on transportation, invention, and settlement history. Advanced reservations are highly recommended for all school, scout, and homeschool groups and are required for discounted admission rates! For general information about school visits, please click here

Enhance your experience with The Carousel of Dayton Innovation

Let your students experience the fun of history on our Carousel of Dayton Innovation. For $1 per ride, students have the opportunity to ride timeless pieces of Dayton heritage. Grab a seat on the pop can, IAMs dog food bag, DH-4 Airplane, cash register, and so much more! You may reserve rides on the carousel when scheduling your field trip or at the front desk upon your arrival.

Treat your students with A Goody Bag!

The Museum Store offers a special service to classes that do not have sufficient time to shop. Goody Bags may be purchased relating to Carillon Historical Park and the history of the Miami Valley. Pencils, erasers, postcards, small toys, and pencil sharpeners are all examples of items that may be contained in the Goody Bags. They are priced between $3 and $20, depending upon their contents and must be requested one week in advance.
Click here to access the goody bag order form. Click here to access the teacher order form.

Enjoy watching the Animatronic Theater!

Our theater is a truly 21st century way to discover how the past has shaped our present and will continue to inspire the future. Grab a seat with your students at the “Build for Tomorrow” theater and enjoy the immersive 4-D experience. The story of Dayton is told by an animatronic cast of five prominent and famous Daytonians: John H. Patterson, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Charles F. Kettering, and Colonel Edward A. Deeds. Each class or group will be assigned a time to visit the theater; it’s a part of your visit that you won’t want to miss!

Immerse your students in Educational Programs & Workshops

Personalize your field trip with one of our educational programs available at the park! Our programs are reinforced by the Ohio content standards and we are pleased to work with you to meet your unique educational objectives. Reservations are required two weeks in advance and availability is contingent 0n park schedule and a first-come first-served basis. If there is a particular topic that you do not see covered on this list, please let our Scheduling Desk know! Select the below link to see the full list of the educational programs that we have to offer. They are an additional $3 per student.

View our Educational Programs and Workshops!

Plan Your Trip Today!

Please contact the Education Scheduling Desk at (937) 293-2841 Ext. 127 or with questions or if you would like more information

Visitor & Tour Information

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