General Field Trip Information

Directions and Bus Parking

Carillon Historical Park
1000 Carillon Blvd.
Dayton, Ohio 45409
Tel: (937) 293-2841   Map

Once you arrive at the park, buses should drive to the drop-off area in front of the Kettering Family Education Center. School buses can fit under the covered drop-off area. For your reference, the overhang is 12’6” tall.

Buses should then proceed along the lane and then turn right onto the main driveway. Follow this path around the perimeter of the park to a lot where buses can turn around. Once buses have turned around, a Bus Parking Lane is on the right side of the main driveway (toward the Carillon). Buses are then facing the appropriate direction for pick-up at the Kettering Family Education Center.

Admission Rates

All school groups receive the same special admission rates: $5 per child and $7 per adult. Additional fees apply to ride the carousel, participate in an educational workshop, and receive museum store goody bags. Advanced reservations are required to receive these admission rates.

School Check-In

All groups must check-in at the Kettering Family Education Center admission desk. Payment is due upon arrival. You may use cash, check, major credit cards, invoice or purchase order to pay for your visit.

  • If paying by purchase order or invoice, we will invoice you after your visit to ensure that you are paying for the amount of students that come the day of your visit.
  • If paying with cash, we ask that you collect your student and chaperone admission fees ahead of time and pay with the largest bills possible.

When payment is handled, teachers will receive:

  • A guide map of Carillon Historical Park for each class with a suggested starting location.
  • A 4-D “Build for Tomorrow” Theater ticket time.
  • Educational Program Ticket with locations, times, and facilitator names for programs (when applicable).
  • Evaluation Form

When Check-In is completed, you will be directed by a staff member to your suggested starting location.

Class Touring

Please stay together as a class unless otherwise directed. Breaking into small groups impedes the traffic flow from one exhibit building into the next. Teachers are required to stay with their classes and are essential in ensuring good behavior from students.

Please encourage chaperones to be actively involved in the supervision of students. We need their (and your) active participation to ensure students are acting in a respectful and safe manner and to enhance student learning. Chaperones and teachers can also encourage students to ask questions of the interpreters in the exhibit buildings


Carillon Historical Park operates in all kinds of weather, so everyone should dress weather-appropriately. We highly recommend wearing comfortable shoes. In the event of a severe weather warning, staff will advise guests on where to seek shelter.


We will provide lunch bins for groups upon their arrival, or you can bring your own. If you have your own lunch bins, please be sure to label your school and teachers’ names on each bin. Lunches will be stored in the Kettering Family Education Center and can be eaten at your leisure at our outdoor picnic pavilion or on the green space in the center of the park. In inclement weather, we have indoor lunch locations in the Kettering Family Education Center.


Carillon Historical Park staff and volunteers can communicate via two-way radio or phone. If there is a need for first-aid or if there is a lost child, please notify Carillon Historical Park staff.

Lost and Found

If you lose a personal belonging, please check with the Guest Services desk in the Kettering Family Education Center.

Museum Store

Carillon Historical Park’s Museum Store contains hundreds of exciting items that may be of interest to you or your students, such as books, toys, candy, models, clothing, and magnets. One class at a time is permitted in the store. We ask that one adult accompanies every ten students in the store. Also, if you plan to visit, please explain to students about sales tax.

For classes that do not have time to sufficiently shop, please considering purchasing our goody bags or teacher bags.

Plan Your Trip Today!

Please contact the Education Scheduling Desk at (937) 293-2841 Ext. 127 or with questions or if you would like more information!