Other Groups

Groups of students and adults from throughout the country and around the world visit Carillon Historical Park each year. Groups may combine the general tour with our hands-on education workshops to create a focus for their field trip.

For more information please contact our education department at (937) 293-2841 ext. 127 or email education1@daytonhistory.org.

General Tour

Interpretive Staff are stationed throughout the Park; tour groups may proceed at their own pace. Tours of the Park can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a group; focuses include transportation, invention, and settlement history.

Patterson Homestead Field Trip Opportunities

The Patterson Homestead Historic House Museum is available for educational tours and programs. Group tours may be made in advance for any day of the week. For more information, call the Patterson Homestead (937) 293-2841 ext.167.  The Patterson Homestead is located at 1815 Brown Street, Dayton, Ohio, less than two miles from Carillon Historical Park.

* Settlement, Statehood, Seal at Patterson Homestead: Discover how it all began for Ohio. Students tour the homestead of Col. Robert Patterson and learn about how Ohio became a state. Students take home a map of the United States as it appeared in 1803 and their own drawings of the seal of Ohio and a few of the symbols that represent our state. 70-75 Minutes. Grades 3–8. Ohio Academic Content Standards Social Studies (Grades 3–5) , History and Heritage (3, 4), Geography, Human Systems (14).

Pre-Tour Field Trip Guide

The Pre-Tour Field Trip Guide provides information about the key Park exhibits that you will see when you visit. This information is great for teachers wishing to formulate questions or a scavenger hunt for their students.