Carillon Historical Park is a 65-acre open-air history museum
that serves as the main campus for Dayton History.
We share the amazing stories of how Dayton changed the world!

Mon - Sat: 9:30am - 5:00pm
Sun: 12:00pm - 5:00pm

1000 Carillon Boulevard
Dayton, Ohio 45409

19th Century Brewery Opening at Carillon Park!

19th Century Brewery Opening at Carillon Park!

Visiting his two Dayton cousins in December of 1852, Mr. Schiml makes the long cold journey from Boston, Massachusetts.  As his coach pulls up to the corner of Wayne and Hickory Streets in Dayton, he glances up at the two story Wayne Street Brewery Building before going inside.  He gives his cousins John and Michael a firm hand shake and a deep “Hallo Cousinen” before reaching into his satchel.  At that moment he pulls out a package that the brothers had been anticipating for years; it contains a substance never before seen in Dayton, Ohio; a gift from the fatherland.  The material that will kick start the growth of an industry in the Miami Valley and change forever the consumption choices of Daytonians for the first time since George Newcom brewed his ale on the banks of the Great Miami.  Mr.  Schiml’s package contains lager stock yeast, and on December 13th, 1852 it yields the first lager beer in this part of Ohio.

One hundred and sixty-one years later, Dayton History will open a new brick interpretive building in Carillon Park, filled with the smells, sounds, sights, tastes, and stories of the many breweries, wineries, and distilleries that peppered the Miami River Valley throughout the 19th Century.

With costumed interpreters tending the fires, hauling the water, monitoring the fermentation, and topping off the oak kegs; Carillon’s new venture will be ‘hopping’ with activity.  Multiple exhibits and daily demonstrations of 19th century processes will use period tools and techniques and give guests an opportunity to compare historic beverages with today’s offerings.  The future facility will also contain spaces for programs, meetings, and community activities.  A large beer garden and covered corridor to guide guests from the Carillon Green into the large event lawn will also be added.

Many thanks to Heidelberg Distributing Company
for their lead gift toward this project.